Calculators gadgets for loan calculation on your web site or iGoogle page

Use this widget : Tune in outward sight of the loan calculator for your web site's design.

Google disabled service iGoogle. Information below this line is already outdated.

When you switch over in the iGoogle mode, Google's search system will help the user to tune in:
- The outward sight of the main search page;
- To change the theme and the page styles;
- To add helpful gadgets.

When the user enters in the Internet, he will receive in some seconds the weather forecast for his town. He will receive your Gmail state, the exchange rates, online loan calculator, the text's translator, etc. Everything will be made with Google gadgets help. Place on your page iGoogle gadgets of our loan calculators. They will help you do your credit calculations or compare your loan terms. You can place calculators gadgets both on the iGoogle page and on your web site or blog.

Loan calculators gadgets

For the purpose of placing the loan calculator on iGoogle page you need to move on the gadget's description page add loan calculator gadget to iGoogle page or web site and then turn on the button "Add calculator to iGoogle". The loan calculator gadget will be tuned automatically.

Free annuity calculator

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The annuity calculator counts the credit monthly payments sum, the interests sum and the total sum of all payments during the credit term.

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