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This calculator is small in size that's why it is possible to put it in any place of the page. The calculator's size can be changed if it is necessary to you. The annuity calculator widget will count the monthly loan payment. It will count the interests sum and the payment sum for all loan period. Choose the background's color, the print's size using a small visual editor and bringing closer the annuity calculator to your page's design.

- Customize the look of the calculator.
- Scroll down this page.
- Select all of the generated script, and copy it into memory. This script is a ANNUITY CALCULATOR
- Insert this calculator (script) into the page of your site or blog.
To edit the look of the annuity calculator, use only these visual settings. Otherwise, the calculator may not work properly.
After setting up and installing the calculator on your page do not forget to check not only its appearance but also how it works.

Width:   Height:
BackGround color:
Style:   Width:
Border color:
Upper line:
Inscription:           BOLD

Font size:
Font color:
background color:
Font size:
Font color:
Input box:
font size:
Font Color:
BackGround Color:
Font Size:
Font Color:
BackGround Color:

How it will look on Your Website:

Annuity Calculator
Interest rate: (%)
Loan term: (months)
Loan amount:
month payment:
Total Payments:
Total Interest Paid:

Click for the purpose of selecting all the text.

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