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Calculation of interest amounts for original loan payments, as well as for payments with additional sums.

The calculator will calculate monthly payment on loan amounts, corresponding to initial (original) schedule of loan repayment: for this purpose, make the calculation in the first part of the calculator.

To calculate the interest amount in case of early repayment, enter into the second part of the calculator the sum, by which there will be increased the original payments.

After calculation, you may compare the total amounts between constant original payments and early repayment. However, before you make the decision to pay more, refer to your loan agreement and pay attention to absence of prohibition or penalty provisions for early loan repayment. In addition, in some cases, the creditors permit to repay the loan anticipatory, but there will be necessary to pay additional commission percentage to the exaggerated sum of original payment.

Interest amount calculation in case of early loan repayment with the help of a loan calculator    Primary calculation
Loan amount:
Interest rate:%
Loan term: (months)  
month payment:
Amounts paid for ... months
Sum of interest:
Ending balance:
   Extra pay in the amount of future payments
The remaining months of the loan:
Extra pay:  
Bank fee on the amount exceeding the prescribed payment: %
Amount of payment per month:
The period of repayment loan balance (months):
Computed amount of future payments
Sum of interest:
The total amount of payments:
Projected payments with no prepayment
Total amount of interest:
Total amount of payments:
Taking into account the amount of early repayment
Total amount of interest:
Total amount of payments:
Difference between the total amount of payments:

To calculate the early loan repayment enter into the loan calculator the loan amount, interest rate, initial loan term and make the calculation of monthly payment amount. Then, enter the remaining months for the loan repayment and the sum you wish to pay in addition to ordinary payment. In case your bank provides commission for the sum, exceeding the original payment, indicate it in percentage ratio and such commission payment will be added to the sum of general payment.

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