calculators for calculating the amount to repay the loan

Calculators for loan payment calculation:

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early loan repayment calculator Early loan repayment calculator
You can determine the total interest sum for use of the credit and you can learn the quantity of months to pay new sums. They can compare calculations of original and pre-term paying off too.
Calculation of the annuity scheme of debt repayment
Annuity calculator
Using the annuity scheme of debt paying off the borrower knows that the sum of monthly payment will be the same till he repays his credit and interests completely
Calculator to make calculations of the mortgage payments Mortgage payment calculator
Make the table of debt repayment schedule on mortgage through annuity or differential payments. In this program the possibility of the bank commission's calculation about the balance owed is taken into account.
Auto loan calculator Auto loan calculator
The calculator takes into account the sum of the first payment and the sum of the old car which you have given to exchange according to the program 'trade-in'. The results can be shown in total sums or with decoded payments.
Reverse loan calculator Reverse loan calculator
The algorithm of this program's work is absolutely different to the calculations of a usual annuity calculator. The annual interest rate is computed according to the monthly payment sum, the loan sum and the loan term.
Computation of debt payments of loan sums using the varied payment circuit Fixed principal amount scheme of paying off
This paying off scheme is famous as varied (differentiated) payment. The sums of such payments change monthly. The fixed principal amount scheme is used mainly for mortgage payments, but sometimes there are other banks' propositions. That's why this calculator is put out as separate program.
How can you do the reverse calculation of the interest rate?
If you know the total loan amount, loan term, periodical repayments amount, then the calculator with reverse calculation will help you to define the real annual interest rate. Read >>>
Reverse loan calculator
Reverse Loan Calculator
Mortgage payment calculator
Mortgage Calculation
Annuity calculator
Annuity Payments Calculator
Car Loan Calculation
Car Loan Calculation
Early loan repayment calculator
Early Loan Repayment Calculator
Fixed principal amount scheme of paying off
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